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Keep Your Ears Warm In Style This Winter With This 20 Minute Headband!

Where are all of our beginners hiding out today?

We found another great beginners project for you, courtesy of Melanie Ham, that we are really excited about sharing with you!

The following tutorial features directions on how to crochet a cute headband that is super simple, functional, and takes just under twenty minutes to make! It is everything we look for in a project (especially when it is a project for beginners). So do not worry, we will not ramble on for very long.

Now, we want you to be able to get straight to the crochet action, so grab your hooks and yarn and check out the below video.

When you are done, make sure to take some pictures and show off all of your hard work! You deserve to be able to brag a little about it, we know you will do great!


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