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3 Free Doily Patterns To Help Bring Back The Doily!

If you’re like us, you love doilies! They are beautiful, elegant, and fun to make! In fact, we’d like to bring them back. So, here are 3 free patterns that we love, and we think you’ll love them too! Special thanks to Mary, Laura and Karen for the patterns!

Get the pattern here!

from: Mary Burkinshaw: “8 inch doilies I made for Christmas gifts. “Petite Pineapple Doily” Designed by Priscilla Hewitt of https://priscillascrochet.net/free%20patterns/Doilies/Petite%20Pineapple%20Doily.pdf”

Get the pattern here!

from: Laura Humphreys: “This is my favorite doily pattern. Pattern is available on Ravelry. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crocus-doily”

Get the pattern here!

from: Karen Daly Schneider: “Off my hook a few weeks ago. This was very fun and relaxing to do. https://totallyfreecrochetpatterns.blogspot.com/search?q=square+pineapple”

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