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5 Great Resources for Reading Crochet Symbols

You’ll find symbols on everything from crochet patterns to packages of yarn and if you don’t know (or can’t always remember) what they all mean, fear not. There are lots of great resources online to help decipher these symbols so they make a lot more sense while you’re working on crochet projects, especially for beginners. Check them out below!

reading crochet symbols

  1. Stitch Chart Symbols at Craft Yarn Council
    Not only is this chart simple and easy to read, but it’s available in an easy-to-download and printable PDF, too. Because some patterns use symbols along with or instead of written words, it’s handy to have a key like this for reference.This could also be helpful in reading patterns in different languages, if there are crochet symbols along with written directions. You can find the symbol chart HERE.
  2. Crochet Symbols and Directions Chart at Dabbles & Babbles
    This two-in-one chart is a must-have, as it combines both crochet symbols and their meaning in both US and UK crochet terminology, as well as explanations for crochet abbreviations. The chart itself is easy to download and then print out, making the entire thing a very comprehensive and helpful resource for beginners and longtime crochet artists alike. Click here to visit the website.
  3. Understanding Yarn Labels at Dearest Debi
    This page has several charts as well as explanations for each section of the yarn label, from what different yarn weights are used for to different icons used in yarn care (e.g. the symbols for bleaching or dry cleaning). Between the helpful diagrams and the added text that explains the yarn label more in depth, this website can be a very helpful resource. Click here to visit the website.
  4. Yarn Weight Symbols at Crafty Minx
    This website has a helpful chart that doesn’t just explain yarn weights (0-6) and what types of yarn fall into each category ñ it also adds some extra helpful info on what gauges and hook sizes to use for each yarn weight, too. Hooks are measured in both metric and US sizes, making this resource great for both yarn symbols and general crochet info. Click here to visit the website.
  5. Reading Crochet Charts at Crafty Minx
    Crafty Minx has another helpful resource for reading patterns that are written entirely in crochet symbols. Helpful diagrams explain the origins of some of the symbols, as well as direction symbols and comparisons between charts and the finished product. Between the diagrams and text explanations, this is quite a helpful resource. Click here to visit the website.

There are lots of symbols and abbreviations that pop up in crochet patterns, but these resources can help you figure them out and understand them in the context of a project. So whether you’re trying to read a yarn label or a crochet pattern of entirely symbols, you’ll be able to decipher it with ease!

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