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8 Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns You’ll Love

Whether you’re looking to craft a handmade gift or simply something festive for around the house, Valentine’s Day brings inspiration for tons of fun crochet projects. With about a month left before the holiday, there’s still plenty of time to make something beautiful.

valentine's day crochet patterns
Photo credit: Dapper Toad via Craftsy

We’ve gathered a bunch of creative, unique crochet patterns filled with reds, pinks, and plenty of hearts ñ check them out below, and click the underlined text to see each pattern. Most of these patterns are free, too!

  • Heart Arrows (pictured above)

    With hearts at the ends instead of arrowheads, these cute arrows are really unique additions to any gift ñ you could even tie a few among the ribbons of a present to add a creative touch. Or, simply use them to decorate around your home. The skill level is listed as ìnovice,î so anyone can try making these.

    Click here for the pattern ($4).

  • Rose Bouquet

    What screams Valentine’s Day more than a bouquet of roses? Instead of grabbing a dozen from the flower shop, crochet a dozen that’ll never wilt away. Though the original pattern was intended for Mother’s Day, there’s no bad time to craft a set of pretty flowers!

    Click here for the free pattern.

  • Box of Chocolates

    An adorable heart-shaped box filled with little crocheted chocolate candies and pretzels, this pattern makes for a really cute decoration ñ or just make the box tohold real candies. It’s designated as an intermediate pattern, and the final product looks good enough to eat!

    Click here for the free pattern.

  • Heart Afghan with Fringe

    A heart-filled afghan is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and this pattern features a cream-colored base with rows of little hearts in all different colors. Perfect for beginners and longtime crochet artists alike, this pattern is something anyone could follow ñ and snuggling underneath the cozy finished project seems appropriate for Valentine’s Day!

    Click here for the free pattern.

  • Valentine Tablecloth

    Measuring 38 inches in diameter, this round tablecloth features a ring of magenta hearts near the center and dangling carnation-colored hearts all along the edges. The pattern itself is a bit complicated, so intermediate skill levels and beyond are best suited to complete the project. But, it does make the perfect foundation for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal or simply some festive dÈcor.

    Click here for the free pattern.

  • Valentine Envelope

    Jazz up your usual valentine cards by placing them in a red-and-white crocheted envelope instead of a paper one. It’s a pretty quick and easy pattern to make, and adds a personalized touch to any valentine you give. Expect lots of compliments on this one!

    Click here for the free pattern.

  • Red Mary Jane Newborn Slippers

    Who doesn’t love an excuse to craft some adorable little baby booties? Ideal for newborn tootsies, these cute Mary Janes will be a perfect accessory for any baby’s Valentine’s outfit.

    Click here for the pattern.

  • Heart Dishcloth/Blanket

    The cool thing about this pattern is that it’s versatile. You can make one pretty 8-inch square ñ with a red-and-white border, rosy pink center, and red heart in the middle ñ to use as a dishcloth, potholder, or elsewhere in the kitchen. Or, you can make a bunch of squares together to form a blanket with alternating colors.

    Click here for the free pattern.

There are tons of different ways to infuse Valentine’s spirit into your crochet projects, and these eightpatterns are just the beginning. You already put lots of love in your projects, so it’s the perfect time to craft something special!

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