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8 Ways to Use Wedding Crochet Patterns

8 Ways to Use Wedding Crochet   Patterns

Whether you’re saying “I do” or simply attending as a guest, weddings are the perfect place to be a little creative everyone wants their big day to stand out, right? We’re in the midst of wedding season now and thought a few wedding-inspired crochet projects would be the perfect fit.

Each project has a link to a free crochet pattern, so if you feel inspired, you can quickly get to work! After all, when it comes to wedding decor, nothing beats that homemade touch.

  1. Candle holder or accent

    Whether you’d like a candle holder like this or a simple centerpiece accent like this (and like the one in the photo above), there are plenty of ways to incorporate crochet into centerpieces. You could also use those little hearts for decorating wedding favors, too.

  2. Table runner

    Grace the head table with a gorgeous crochet table runner one like this or like this would be beautiful, and both offer a romantic look that’ll go nicely on the head table. You could also make a table runner for the gift table or guest book table both would be great places to add that personal touch.

  3. Wedding Headdress

    Innovative on its own or a cool add-on for the veil, this pattern for a wedding headdress is sure to get lots of compliments. And if you are going to have a hairdo that keeps your hair back, this will fit right in.

  4. Garter Belt

    A quick and easy project that you can also personalize, a garter belt is often a staple at weddings and also simple enough to crochet. We like this pattern, which has you put a ribbon through the middle for a bit of color.

  5. Flower Girl Basket & Ring Bearer Pillow

    Why buy a basket or pillow when you could use handcrafted versions instead? Click here for the flower girl basket and click here for the ring bearer pillow, both patterns from Donna’s Crochet Designs that add a handmade element to the perfect part of the ceremony.

  6. Bouquet

    You can really keep your bouquet for years to come if the entire thing is made of crocheted flowers! Click here for a cool pattern of different shades of pink flowers, which is definitely a unique twist on the traditional fresh kind. Or check out this pattern for a bouquet of white flowers and a boutonniere.

  7. Shawl

    Especially if the wedding is in the winter, a beautiful bridal shawl is a great way to incorporate a little crochet into your big day plus you’ll probably wear the shawl again and again! Click here or click here for a simple and elegant shawl pattern.

  8. Gloves

    Nothing looks more vintage and classic that a beautiful pair of hand crocheted wedding gloves, so get that Old Hollywood style by checking out this pattern. With little flowers on the top and a one-size-fits-most measurement, these would be a lovely addition to any wedding dress.

These aren’t the only ways to add a crafty crochet touch to weddings wedding favors, candle holders, album covers, jewelry, cake toppers, and all kinds of things would be great to adorn with a touch of crochet. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even crochet the entire dress!

Hopefully this provides a little inspiration to anyone looking for some DIY flair!

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