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9 International Charities That Need Crocheted Items

Last week, we wrote about lots of different charities that need crochet items based in the US ñ but manyreaders were wondering about similar charities in other countries, specifically in the UK, Canada, and Australia. So, we’ve made a list of several organizations in these countries looking for crocheted donations.

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Though we’ve listed international charities in countries that commenters were asking about, there are tons of organizations worldwide that are eager for donations. Click here to access Lion Brand Yarn’s Charity Connection, where you can search by country for organizations both near and far.


  • The Get Well Gang

    Dedicated to sending knitted or crocheted hats to people who’ve lost their hair to cancer treatments, The Get Well Gang has sent more than 23,000 homemade hats across Canada. As a volunteer, you simply download the hat patterns and attach a gift card to the hat, which you can donate to your local hospital or cancer center.

    Click here to visit the website.

  • ICROSS Canada

    In addition to sending medical supplies to developing countries, ICROSS Canada sends knitted comfort dolls that serve as both protective packaging for the supplies and great gifts for children once the supplies arrive safe and sound. ICROSS has a pattern for the dolls on its website.

    Click here to visit the website.

  • Casting Off the Cold

    Based in Markham, Ontario, Casting Off the Cold promotes crocheting all kinds of items for local hospitals, shelters, and other organizations. You can come to local meetings at various chapters around the area, or simply drop off crocheted items at one of three knitting shops. The website has size guides and patterns for hats, mittens, scarves, socks, sweaters, and blankets for babies through adults.

    Click here to visit the website.


  • Loving Hands

    Loving Hands is dedicated to sending all kinds of items to UK charities, and they’ve checked to make sure each one is legitimate and will deliver donations to the right places. They take crocheted blankets, baby clothes, toys, and tons of other items. Once you’re a member, you can see each charity’s wish list and use that as a guide, too. Loving Hands also has seasonal challenges with specific projects in mind.

    Click here to visit the website.

  • Knit for Peace

    Don’t let the name fool you ñ Knit for Peace welcomes crocheted items just as much as knitted donations. Knit for Peace works with tons of different UK charities and provides lists of items that they need ñ teddy bears for Cancer Recovery UK, baby clothes for hospitals, and lots of other things. They provide patterns for these items, too, so you can simply send them along and they’ll be delivered to those in need.

    Click here to see what projects Knit for Peace is working on.

  • SIBOL (Sunshine International Blankets of Love)

    Delivering donated blankets of all colors and designs to nursing homes throughout the UK, SIBOL accepts donations from around the world (but just asks that you e-mail before sending). If you don’t want to send a full blanket, then squares that are 6×6 inches or 15×15 centimeters are ideal, too, so SIBOL can attach them to make a big and unique sunshine blanket.

    Click here to visit the website.


  • Knit4Charities

    Knit4Charities takes donations from knitters and crochet artists and then gives them to charities throughout the country. It has a special project calendar for the year that lists different charities each month and what items they need ñ from women’s shelters and nursing homes to animal shelters and hospitals. Simply join the Yahoo group or e-mail the charity’s leader for more info.

    Click here to visit the website.

  • Parramatta Mission

    This shelter has been helping the homeless, those with mental illness, and people going through crisis for decades. Itoffers tons of services for children, teens, families, men, and women — and donations of blankets, hats, and other warm items will likely be well-received by this long-time organization.

    Click here to visit the website.

  • Komfort 4 Kids Project

    This organization donates handmade blankets to children’s hospitals and shelters in western Australia. The website offers specific instructions on how the blankets should be constructed and suggested sizes, separated into sizes for infants, children, and teenagers. Kids experiencing an illness or trauma will find comfort inthe homemade gift.

    Click here to visit the website.

Another great international crochet charity is Knit-a-Square, which asks people to send crocheted squares that are 8×8 inches or 20×20 centimeters to South Africa, where they will be sewn into blankets for orphaned children (click here for more info).

As always, a local hospital or church likely also will gladly take crocheted items for charity.

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