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A Bit of Christmas Crochet: December 10

Hello again from Starting Chain. Tonight we’d like to feature a few of the many examples of Christmas crochet projects that have been shared with us by our readers. We hope they inspire, and make you smile. We do realize that the English Foot Guard is not exactly for Christmas, but he is…well, he’s just so cheerful!

from: Kim Baranowski: “Finally finished my 4 foot Santa.”

Love him! A four foot high Santa is an awful lot of crochet! Love the snowman next to him, too!

from Esther Hardie who just simply writes, “Very British”. We love him!

from Lynn Williams: “A Christmas angel I made yesterday. The pattern can be found on Crochet Pattern Central; it is made with no10 crochet cotton.”

Crochet Pattern Central has many patterns for angels but we think this one is just called “Treetop Angel”. It’s one of the most lovely.

from Cheryl Nichols who writes that the pattern comes from Red Heart. There are, of course, many free Christmas crochet patterns at Red Heart. Readers may be interested in looking at all of them here. We also found the pattern at crochetpatternbonanza.com

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our community at Starting Chain, either by posting a photo of your work, by commenting, or just reading and enjoying!

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