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A Bit of Christmas Crochet: December 3

It’s been so nice to see all the holiday crochet that our online community members have recently been sharing at the Starting Chain Facebook page. Here are just a few for your morning enjoyment. We hope they inspire you to pick up that hook and some get some yarn in holiday colors. There’s still time to make gifts or to stitch up something for your home or yourself!

If you’d like to share a photo of crochet you’ve done, or a piece of vintage work, just come to our Facebook page and upload there. If you used a pattern, please give its name and source so that other people can find it. We always honor copyrights and the work of pattern artists so want their creativity and investment to be properly credited.

We love, of course, original creativity and really want to encourage people to experiment with crochet. We like to hear about your inspiration and any construction details you can share. Information about the types of yarn used, hook size and difficulty level are all appreciated by our readers. And, best of all, we love seeing projects that are done for charity or for gifts to family and friends.

Our purpose is to encourage the art of crochet in all its many forms, including the work of beginners as well as experienced artists. As part of social media, we all can encourage each other, give tips and hints and, of course, say lots of “Wows!”

from: Tarie Tomporowski: “I made this for a little friend of mine. I took a basic cardigan pattern and then added the different colors and the eyelash yarn trim. Came out totally adorable.”

Tarie’s addition of trims has made this basic child’s cardigan just something really special. Fortunately just about all the pattern companies offer cardigan patterns so there are many from which to choose.

from: Ann Lance: “~Snowflake afghan……….”

Ann’s snowflake afghan is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen! (It looks lovely on her antique rocker, too!) Ann used a vintage pattern and we have been unable to find an exact match online. However, many of the major pattern companies make patterns for snowflake afghans or for the blocks that can be used in a variety of craft patterns. Ann’s is one of the few we’ve seen that use the 8 pointed snowflake. We like, too, how she has joined the blocks and her use of tight stitches in the background red to make it a warm throw. Red Heart, Ravelry and others have types of Snowflake or Scandinavian Afghans. You can see links from a basic Google search here.

from: Shirley Strand: “I finished a new decorative doily for the holidays. The pattern is from a 1999 back issue of Magic Crochet. It called for size 40 thread, but I wanted a bigger one so swapped up to size 10 thread. I used ivory, burgundy, forest green, and a bit of gold metallic thread as well.”

from: Amanda Raines Jennings: “Christmas dresses for my daughters and neice’s American Girl Dolls. From the pattern Spring Dress https://bellabambinaknits.blogspot.com/2007/04/spring-dress-for-american-girl-dolls.html”

Amanda’s doll dresses from the Bella Bambina Knits website are just absolutely adorable. We love the varigated yarn used for the neck and hem trims and the use of little Christmas embellishments on the bodice. The dolls are going to be beautifully dressed! We did have a bit of difficulty finding the pattern at first. If you can’t find it, go on the site’s main page, scroll down looking at the right, and you’ll see a link to their American Doll patterns.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of crochet with our community at Starting Chain. Yarn Over!

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