April 13 – Today’s Featured Chains

from: Lori Havert: “I made days of the week bibs and booties for my grand daughter. The pattern is found on raverly for free here https://www.ravelry.com/projects/TwinklesGirl/bibs–booties-bibs-crochet I really learned a lot doing the same pattern so many times. I had trouble embroidering the days of the week on the bibs so I left them blank. I did stretch my creative muscle by trimming the booties with the same boarder as the bibs, to make them match nicely. I had fun choosing the different colors of Lily’s and Cream. “

from: Darlene Welker: “I made this for my granddaughter “

from: Patty DelaGarza: “A baby blanket I made. It’s from a pattern called Baby Blue found at https://craftsbystarlight.blogspot.com/2010/07/crochet-baby-blue.html?m=1”

from: RoseMary Beauchamp Delaney: “One of thirty hats made for Chemo patients. Then time to make some for customers”

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