August 9 – Today’s Featured Chains

from: Jami Bennett-Jalbert: “This is my first try at thread crochet…I going to try to finish a tablecloth by Thanksgiving….wish me luck!!! “

from: Teddie K Parmer: “A photo from Teddie”

from: Sally Paumier: “I made this “brain dead” afghan in different colors for my four grandkids. It is such an easy pattern that I would work on them while a passenger on road trips with my husband. My mother-in-law liked the pattern so well that she uses it for lap robes for nursing home residents. The pattern can be easily found on free crochet sites.”

from: Sally Paumier: “This hooded sacque can be made for a baby girl or a boy just by changing trim color or adding flowers at the yoke.”

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