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Bring Back the Doily!

Many of us remember when our grandparents’ homes were full of doilies. Some were ruffled and starched like froth around the base of lamps or candy jars. Some gave a bit of protection to dressers and chests. Some covered worn spots on chair arms. Some protected the top of chairs from mens’ fancy hair gels or cats that liked to perch there. Now, many of those are in boxes at yard sales or in thrift shops. They seem to call out for rescue. Someone’s grandmother made those!

Let’s bring back the doily! Let’s make them fashionable again in home decor.

We really like the ones that have been posted recently by Mary Edwards. She takes some of the traditional designs, but makes them bloom in a very modern and appealing way. She writes that crochet helps reduce stress. Most all of us have experienced that. We can drop a project in a tote and take it with us to work to get in some rows during lunch break. We can come home and sit on a porch and chain. Making flowers seems especially a happy thing to do.

So we’d like to say “Thank You” to Mary for posting photos of some of her work to our Starting Chain Facebook page. Let’s do the doily!

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