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Bringing Back a Tradition: July 2

Let’s bring back the use of Filet Crochet in today’s well-decorated home! It’s a very beautiful art form that allows for an infinite variety of designs, both traditional and contemporary.

Filet crochet was first used to mimic lace. Patterns have been found dating back to @1850, but became more popular in the early 20th century. Sometimes called charts instead of patterns, they allow you to see what the finished design will look like and don’t require much in the way of written instructions. It’s also easy to create your own designs with graph paper and a pencil.

Filet crochet traditionally was used in decor for curtains, edgings, tablecloths, table or mantle scarves, etc. One application often overlooked today was in clothing where it was added as trim to dresses, nightgowns, baby bonnets or used entirely for beautiful shawls.

Here are some examples posted to our Starting Chain Facebook page by crocheters like you. Let’s bring back the tradition!

975087_10200875842954000_1430847241_nby Kaye Gritten

912583_10200875743071503_1407008805_nKaye Gritten writes that this pattern, note it is of a kitty cat, comes from a Magic Crochet magazine.

1005402_10201528045588973_1629571141_nby Rae Evans, for her grandmother, and called “Promise of Peace”

They are beautiful and we’d like to thank Rae and Kaye for their posts. Let’s create more beauty with filet crochet!

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