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Have You Ever Crocheted With A Ruler Before?

As crocheters, it is pretty safe to say that we love to crochet blankets, but obviously we are not going to want to stick to the same pattern and stitch every single time, or our projects would just get boring and we’d probably find ourselves not enjoying our craft nearly as much. Thankfully, today we have just the project to switch it up!

Donna Wolfe from Naztazia shows us how to crochet a broomstick-lace afghan throw with Solomon’s Knot edging (get the written pattern here). The result is a blanket beautiful enough for a wedding gift and comfortable enough for a baby gift (although if you are going to give it away, you are going to want to make one for yourself too, so don’t say we did not warn you on that)!

Now go give it a try for yourself and then come back to let us know how it goes!


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