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Bunnies and One Chick

It’s been delightful to see all the crocheted bunnies and little chicks that have recently been shared with us all at Starting Chain. If you haven’t made one, there’s still time. There’s many patterns that are available or you could use your imagination and come up with your own design. Even if you don’t have a “little one” in your family who would delight in a soft crocheted bunny or funny chick, they would be fun to make and keep for a baby shower or even for decorating your home this season. They will bring unexpected smiles. Just don’t forget…bunnies tend to multiply.

Here are some cute examples from our readers. The captions are all in their own words.

from: Jenny Giertz: “Bunny Long Legs – ready to sit for Easter with flowers for Spring. Made this for a friend. :)”

from: Edith BereÒa Stein: “Just to add variety to my crochet projects, I will crochet non-wearables like this Ugly Duckling. I’ve made this 3 times now and enjoy it still each time. I’ve kept one for myself now for my sewing/hobby/quilting room. Pattern available as Ugly Duckling in Annie’s ePattern Central.”

from Cindy Morley: “My take on an Amigurumi (Stuffed) Bunny. I made him for my son for Easter. Pattern is completely my own and worked on as I was working on the bunny. He took me about 3 days to get right.”

from Linda Smith: “Here is a bunny I made for my 3 yr old niece for Easter. The pattern is called Lavender Bunny and can be found at rheatheylia.com.”

(note from Starting Chain: We love the pattern Linda used. It is a free, online pattern at rheatheylia.com. If you use it, please note the stipulation at the bottom of the page. As always we honor the creativity and investment of pattern creators. When they make their patterns available for free, we all should honor their work and abide by their restrictions on use and attribution. It makes it so nice for crocheters everywhere.)

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