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Bunnies, Babies and a Lamb: March 4

Good Morning from Starting Chain! It’s that time of year where we start thinking of Spring…or maybe it is just a yearning for Spring… It’s a season when we start thinking of rejuvenation and new life. This morning we’ve selected a few works of crochet that seem to reflect the season that is coming. It’s all about Bunnies, Babies and a Lamb. Hope you enjoy them and that they inspire!

Our thanks go to Gail, Jane, Will & Tracey, Marie and everyone else who enjoys crochet and who has shared their work with our community at Starting Chain!

from Will Cox: “Crocheted by Tracey Cox. Pattern from Ravelry, ‘Matilda LeMouton’.”

from Marie DeSantis Bleskoski

from Gail Hart: “I taught myself to crochet. I still can’t believe I made these! If I can , anyone can. The patterns were both from Leisure Arts Christening Ensemble /Christening Sets.”

from Jane Corley: “My mother had these stored in her house. I think my dad’s mother may have made them. The yarn is wool and the crochet stitches are so close together the pieces seem to have been felted–either on purpose or simply from being washed. I display them in my living room when we are expecting a new grandchild.

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