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Butterflies, Flowers and a Lalaloopsy

It’s cold outside but we can dream of Spring. Meanwhile we’d like to show a few of the crocheted works recently shared with us by our readers. They have a bit of the feel of Spring or the warmth that comes from making something for a special child.

from: Charlotte Lincoln: “I finished a “Bouquet of Tulips” for the entry hall table at our church .. I have enough Tulips left to make another .. maybe for the ladies room :)”

Charlotte’s tulips make for a lovely bouquet. Notice the leaves, too. There are a few tulip patterns online and in books and magazines. One from Ravelry is: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tulip-15

from: Sheila Lamoso: “Made this blanket for a baby, even though it’s a little big. Took me about 3 months. This is the butterflies pattern from a book called “Dragonflies, Butterflies & more!” By Sandy Rideout”

Sheila’s baby blanket is just beautiful! Thank you, Sheila for sharing it with us and giving the name of and source for the pattern.

from: Lena Kozak: “Have a wonderful day.From Fine things”

Lena’s flowers are beautiful, especially since some of them use differing colors of yarn. We think they are roses. There are many patterns for crocheted roses online. Here’s a link to one at Ravelry that comes from Leisure Arts: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-rose-3

from Deb Malone: “A Lalaloopsy inspired hat I made by request for a little girl with cancer. I don’t use patterns, I just do them up . I also make my hats from bottom to top, reducing as I crochet.”

Thanks, Deb, for sharing your work with us all. We hope that the little girl progresses well and we’re sure that your hat will bring many smiles. It has brightened our day!

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