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Say Goodbye To Dog Ears And Scrap Paper…Make An Adorable Mini Charm Bookmark!

While we wish we had the time to sit down and read an entire book, chances are this will never (or at least rarely) happen.

Often times, we find ourselves dog-earing the page of a book, or using whatever scrap paper we have lying around to keep our place. But no more!

Since we love reading so much, we thought it was time to find a bookmark that is cute, durable, and is something we can be proud of!

Using mini-charms (which are just pre-cut 2 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ square), you can make your own version of these adorable bookmakers thanks to the following tutorial from Shabby Fabrics. Make one for yourself, or make as many as you want for all of your books (I actually made a bunch to hand out at my book club).


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