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Colorful Crochet for a Spring Morning

Hello again from Starting Chain! This morning we’d like to featured and celebrate some darling, and colorful, crochet creations recently shared with us by our readers. Some have Easter themes with bunnies or eggs. One is a birdhouse. One is a great line of Easter hats for little girls in a family. They all bring smiles.

Let’s say “bravo” to the creativity of Janine, Deb, Flo and Bonnie! Our thanks go to them for sharing photos of their work.

from: Janine Matthysse Warfield: “Carrots for the Easter bunny!”

from: Deb Casey: “Birdhouse Pin”

from: Flo Iglehart: “Easter Egg Parade 2014 Which egg will win first place in the Easter Egg Parade? Which is your favorite? I love crocheting and made these egg covers over the last couple of years. Twelve of the designs came from a book given to me about 5 years ago …. “Crocheted Eggs” by Helen Nissen, printed in 1992 by Leisure Arts. I found a copy of the book for sale on E-Bay. Some other designs were found on the Internet by doing a Google search for free crocheted egg covers, also on Pinterest, Etsy, or other crochet sites. “

Notice, too, that Flo has her arrangement on a lovely crocheted doily! Thank you, Flo, for sharing your work and for giving such good information about where you found the instructions for the. Ebay, yard sales, thrift shops and estate sales are great places to find older pattern books…and usually at a very low price.

from: Bonnie Carey: “Brightly colored spring hats for my neices. Made with big crocheted floppy flowers. “

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