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Critters in Crochet: July 1

Tonight we’d like to feature two darling crochet critters done by Cheryll Harding and just posted to our Starting Chain Facebook page. Crochet allows for such fanciful and imaginative interpretations!

971291_10200796438985282_2067223084_nCheryl’s new baby monkey even has a pacifier in addition to a darling dress! How many of us would have thought of a paci?

1044976_10200796477706250_199330796_nCheryl writes, “Imade this baby giraffe over the weekend for a little neighbor friend’s birthday. I followed a pattern from Pinterest for the striped giraffe and just made a few changes.” He’s such a happy little giraffe! Notice, too, his big smile and that he has spots.

Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing these! Crocheted toys are such great toys for children. And we get to enjoy making them! We hope that seeing Cheryl’s encourages everyone to search out great critter patterns, or come up with your own, and to make a whole zoo full of delight!

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