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Crochet: Bunnies, Eggs and a Chick

Good Morning from Starting Chain. Ok, let’s admit it. Bunnies, Eggs and Chicks are symbols of regeneration, of springtime’s creativity, of life anew. Adults understand the religious meanings of the Easter season, of Passover and those from traditions around the globe. But, for children, those meanings often come down to the ever-popular bunnies, eggs and baby chicks and ducks. Everyone yearns for the transition from the grey of winter to the new life of spring. We love seeing baby birds, baby bunnies, the emergence of daffodils and tulips in all their colors. The child in us may still yearn to color Easter eggs or bite into a chocolate bunny. We all know, too, that we love giving crocheted bunnies to our children and grandchildren, to make crocheted flowers or eggs and to just bring some smiles to children this time of the year.

Here are some crocheted bunnies, some eggs and a chick (or maybe he’s a duck) that have recently been shared with us by our readers. Hopefully they will inspire you to come up with your own creation this season!

from: Denise Papa Piccininno: “I made this Easter Egg wreath last year for my sister.”

from Dorrace Balfe: “Easter Bunnies… I made them over 15 years ago. We take them out every Easter.”


from: Michelle Schmidt: “Brightly colored bunny lovey made from Caron Soft. Bunny adapted from design by Lorraine Pistorio, crocheted blanket substituted for knitted one. So bright and cheerful!”

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