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Crochet for Eclectic Fashion

One of the wonderful things about crochet is how adaptable it is both for clothing and accessories. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, crochet was often used for very fashionable dresses, suits and even coats. We’re longing for the day when that comes back! For now we still have a widespread use of the art for sweaters, shawls and accessories. The nice thing is that it can range, in style, from elegant to just plain whimsy. We’ve selected a few examples to show that difference. All come from recent member posts.

from: Sarah Narramore: “From Tigerbelle Crochet a unique chain scarflette/cowl with satin bow.”

We love Sarah and Tigerbelle Crochet’s interesting cowl. Since Katniss’s heavy cowl in “Catching Fire” became so very popular, we think that lighter versions could be “hot” for spring. The black satin on this one gives it a stylish touch.

from Mary Dennison: “Just finished tonight. 48″ parasol.

Mary’s parasol takes us back in time. We love it! Let’s bring them back, and carry them delicately this spring!

from: Andrea Murray Goo: “A collage of the chemo cloche hats I’ve made.”

Andrea’s hats, designed mainly for those in chemotherapy, are clearly well-done and well-blocked. The colors are stylish. We’d like to thank her for sharing hats that would give everyone a sense of refined style.

from: Susan Wilkes-Baker: “Sock Monkey slippershttps://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ladies-sock-monkey-slippers”

Ok, maybe sock-monkey slippers might not make a major fashion-magazine, but we love them with jeans or yoga pants at home. They are fun and grey-white-red-and black are Chanel colors, right?

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