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Fans Of The Granny Cluster Will Love This Crochet Hoodie!

How cute is this hoodie? If you’re looking for a fun project that uses familiar stitches but is still unique and new, then we’ve got just the thing for you!

We just love this hoodie! It’s cozy and warm while not being too thick or unmanageable. Sometimes crochet sweaters come out looking bulky and uncomfortable, but not this one! Thanks to the granny cluster design, the holes in the pattern help give a nice texture to the end product and keep you well ventilated!

In the video below, we see how to crochet and put to gether this adorable hoodie. This is a one size fits most pattern, but it’s easy to adjust if you find you need to make a few size changes. If you’re familiar with the granny cluster, then this pattern will be a breeze! A granny cluster is three double crochets together, and you crochet them in the hole of the previous row – in between the clusters of three.

Go ahead and watch the video below for the full explanation and a demonstration on how to crochet this hoodie!


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