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Crochet in Red and White: December 16

We’ve noticed some lovely works of crochet recently posted on our Starting Chain Facebook page that have been done primarily in red and white (or cream). Part of it the Christmas spirit; part of it…well…just because it looks so good on a winter’s day. We hope you enjoy these from our readers.

from Deanna Gillespie: “Afghan I made my daughter.”

from Joyce Richardson: “Some standard patterns improvised. Bernat Pipsqueak is hard to crochet with because you can’t see the stitches, but it makes awesome “fur” if you’re patient!

This is so cute! Notice that there are 2 hats. The little black booties are darling, too!

from: Cheryl Nichols: “The front :)”

Above is the closed crochet case that Cheryl has brilliantly made. The photo below shows it opened. Cheryl says that she largely “winged it” but, as we always say, “You never know how to fly until you try your wings.” We really encourage people to experiment with crochet and bravely go without a pattern sometimes. Who knows, you may design something that could be a fashion or decorating hit!

from: Cheryl Nichols: “looked around for a pattern to make a hook case and couldn’t find one I really liked so I came up with this…sorry no pattern just winged it :)”

from: Lynne Williams: “A hat I made tonight”

Lynn is always modest about her creations. She has shown that a bit of fur added to a rim of a plain hat and restrained embellishments to the flower make it fit for a sleigh ride in any classic movie scene. It is lovely.

If you’d like to share a photo of crochet you’ve done, or a piece of vintage work, just come to our Facebook page and upload there. If you used a pattern, please give its name and source so that other people can find it and the work of pattern artists is properly honored.

We love, of course, original creativity and really want to encourage people to experiment with crochet. We like to hear about your inspiration and any construction details you can share. Information about the types of yarn used, hook size and difficulty level are all appreciated by our readers. And, best of all, we love seeing projects that are done for charity, for gifts to family and friends, and vintage crochet done long ago.

Our purpose is to encourage the art of crochet in all its many forms, including the work of beginners as well as experienced artists. As part of social media, we all can encourage each other, give tips and hints and, of course, say lots of “Wows”.

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