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Learn How To Crochet These Simple, Quick, Mini Baskets!

We are just going to start out by giving you one quick little warning; once you see how simple and handy these baskets are, you like will not be able to stop making them! We are serious!!

We absolutely love this project from WoolyWondersCrochet, for so many reasons! We already mentioned how simple they are to make, and how we have found so many great uses for them, but above all, just look at them; they are absolutely adorable!

One of our favorite ways to use these has been in our bathroom to throw our jewelry at the end of the day or on our dressers to store loose change! Don’t limit yourselves to our ideas though, we are sure you will find a million other uses for these baskets!

So if you’re looking for your next project, look no further…you won’t be sorry!


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