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Crochet with a Bit of a Woodsy Feel

Hello again from Starting Chain! Tonight we’d like to feature a few projects, all shared from our readers, that have a bit of a woodsy feel about them. They would be at home in a cabin or for bringing a feel of nature in winter onto a fashionable city street. They all are charming. We hope you enjoy them.

from: Sandra Anderson: “Made these cute boot cuffs to dress up my work boots 🙂 They are warm too…”

from Shearl Gilstorff-Schmidt. The photo is a close-up of the fox scarf Shearl made. You can see just the head, front legs and tail here. It reminded us of the vintage boas that fashionable ladies wore in the 1940’s. It’s so cute!

from: Donna Lee Cooney: “Finally one for me – and I found a monogram scarf to go into it in the thrift store!!! “

Donna made several scarves similar to this one, all to give to others. We love how the design allows for the weaving of other scarves through the loops. It has a very fashionable look.

from: Lj Jones: “This a maroon and woodsy camo granny square with a circle center afghan.”

This is a beautiful afghan. The colors are wonderful, mixing the deep rose with the “camo”.

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