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Create A Chinese Knot – People Won’t Believe You Made It!!

We like fun projects that are both useful and entertaining, and we think that this one fits the bill perfectly….so friends, we give you: the Chinese knot.

With this knot, you are welcome to just use it as a toy puzzle or ball (it is definitely both of those), but it is also super handy for cleaning things up around the house. A major bonus is that this can be machine washed after you are done using it!

Naztazia shows us how it is done, so check out the video and make sure to pay close attention to – and re-watch – the semi-tricky assembly section. Once you have seen it a few times, we know you will get the hang of it and your knot will turn out great!! Needless to say, do not be intimidated by this, just have fun and enjoy a super cool project!


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