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Crocheted Edgings and a Cutting-Edge Blazer

Since so many people liked our post this morning about bringing back vintage crochet we wanted to feature a few works that have recently been shared with us by our readers. Of course we love timeless crocheted edgings on pillowcases and sheets and anything that has the feel of the kinds of crochet done, and worn, generations ago.

Here are some we hope inspire…

from: Ele Glover: “Crochet Blazer”

Ele also writes that she doesn’t use patterns, just does her crochet free style. We love it! Obviously, however, it takes a lot of experimentation to make something as elegant as this classic sweater/blazer.

from: Dean VanMeter: “I love embellished pillowcases. I made this pair about 10 years ago, and still love them. The lace was from a pattern, but I can’t remember what book. I also love vintage cases.”

from: Patricia Allcox Harich: “Here’s one set of pillowcases I recently embroidered and crocheted for one of my sister-in-law.”

from Barb Cooper: “I’m all about more old-timey crochet edgings:-)”.

We are, too! Thanks Barb, Patricia, Dean and Ele for sharing your work with our community at Starting Chain.

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