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Get The Classic Look With This Crocheted “Knit” Stitch!!

We love to crochet and while it is often easy to find ourselves in a rut using the same stitches over and over again, regardless of the project, sometimes we like to change things up and learn something new. Whether it be a new project or a new a stitch, it is always exciting and fun to step outside of our comfort zone.

With that said, we love how knitting looks, but using two needles and what feels like way more effort is just not something we are all that into. That is why we were so excited when Made With Love By Glama showed us the “knit” (AKA split single crochet) stitch…it looks just like knitting but is way easier and we still get to crochet with one hook – check it out!

What is your favorite way to use the knit stitch?


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