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Crocheted Splendor in the Grass

We’d just like to say “Thank You” to Gwynn Stevens for sharing this great photo of her newly finished round crocheted table cloth. Gwynn writes,

“After3 months in the making it is done, a lot of work. Thank you Mom for teaching me how to crochet. I was 4 years old when she started teaching me.

Most of us who have been taught, or inspired, by an older relative or friend know this feeling. Many of us grew up with mothers or grandmothers who would take out their crochet work when sitting down after a day’s work, or when the babies were napping.

Gwynn’s circular table covering is the kind that used to grace tables when teas were being given or there were bridal showers or special birthdays. They added a very feminine and traditional touch. Wouldn’t it nice to bring that grace back? There are many traditional patterns available in books, magazines and online. It may take 3 months, but it creates a heirloom that will last for generations. The grass just shows the splendor.

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