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Not Just for the Birds: A Crochet Birdhouse Adds Color and Charm to Your House


Dark and dreary winter days can make anyone long to see spring’s brilliant colors. Bring those bright pinks, purples and blues into your home by yarn bombing a small wooden birdhouse that you can use as a tissue topper or just a whimsical decoration. This fun project works up quickly and can be a cherished gift for any bird lover.

To make this project, start with a wooden birdhouse from a craft or garden store. You can use any size of birdhouse because this helpful pattern includes calculations that let you adjust the size of the crochet fabric to match the house. Make this project even more adorable by using several colors of cotton yarn, an ideal choice for this project because of its ability to stand up to a bathroom’s humid environment.

While most of this project includes basic stitches, this birdhouse also gives you a chance to master the crocodile stitch on the roof sections. The crocodile stitch adds layers of texture to any project, and although it looks a bit complicated, it really isn’t. An important tip to remember is that you work each crocodile stitch in two sections, and you stitch the second section in the opposite direction. For instance, if you are right-handed, work the first half of the stitch by inserting the hook from right to left around the post stitch. Work the second half of the stitch by inserting the hook from left to right. This might feel a bit awkward at first, but the result is worth the effort.Bathroom decorations and accessories such as shower caddies, baskets and drawer organizers are quick-to-stitch projects that let you put your own personal touch on your home. You can make several of these small projects from leftover scrap yarn, which means you can change decorations with the seasons at very little expense. Share your birdhouse or other interesting crochet decorations here.

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