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These Adorable Crochet Kitties Are Sure to Brighten Your Day

It sure seems that cats have taken over the Internet! And no, we are not complaining about it! We can not get enough of their cuteness!

In the latest installment of the cat craze are mini crocheted kitties. They are so cute it is almost illegal, seriously! We are pleased to share that now you can learn how to make one of your own.

There are many different patterns that you can customize to create your own purr-fect mini companion, but the basis for every one is the same: four paws and two ears for each little kitty.

Once you have masted the hang of the pattern, you can turn them into collectibles and even share the fun with a furry friend by using them as a cat toy.

After making our own, there was no question as to why this craze is so big!


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