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Add Some Punch to a Wardrobe With This Beautiful Crocheted Poncho


Handmade crocheted gifts are a thoughtful, personal and great for letting a loved one know you care. If you’re tired of making common gifts like afghans and hats, try a colorful crocheted poncho as a fun and useful alternative. Flowy and comfortable, the poncho is a chic option you can easily customize to suit the recipient’s personal style. Crocheted ponchos were trendy in the 1970s, as many models and actresses sported multicolored styles in wild patterns. As 70s fashion makes a comeback, the poncho is the perfect addition to a modern closet. Pair it with wide-legged jeans for a retro look, or toss it on over leggings and a tank top for a cozy casual style.

Don’t know your loved one’s size? Ponchos are designed to drape loosely over the shoulders and over the torso, so you can ensure a comfortable fit without specific measurements. Size the poncho up for adults, or create an adorable tiny version for toddlers and small children.

With the availability of free patterns, you can easily begin making ponchos, even if you’re new to crocheting. Essentially, the poncho consists of two stitched-together squares with a square neck hole that’s cut out of one corner. For an extra challenge, you can add a cowl neck or fringe.

When it comes to colors and patterns, the possibilities are endless. Use black or cream yarn to create a versatile poncho that transitions easily from the office to the beach. Add visual interest by using a lace or floral crochet poncho pattern. If your recipient isn’t afraid to make bold style choices, turn up the volume by using multiple colors, rainbow patterns or unexpected Southwestern motifs.Whether you’re surprising your sister or making a present for a toddler, a poncho is a beautiful and comfortable gift idea. The perfect outwear option for spring and fall, ponchos are sure to delight your recipient. Take a look at these lovely ponchos.

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