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Today’s Featured Chains – March 7th

“I have 2 kids that love to “help” me crochet and I am always losing my hooks. I came across this pattern and had a spare ball of yarn laying around and it works great! Just trying to figure out how to make one like this for my knitting needles too.” — Heather Owens

Note: Heather also said that she just did an internet search to find a pattern. We did that, too, using just “crochet hook case pattern” and came up with several. It’s such a great idea. Thank you, Heather, for sharing it with us.

“This is a pattern I did a while ago. It’s a free one from the Lion Brand website called Doris the Duckling. It was supposed to be made of wool then felted, but I can’t use wool so I shortened it a little to account for the non-felting.” — Nicola Ferrara

Note: It’s so nice to see the darling duck on Nicola’s keyboard and in front of a screen view of the pattern source. Thanks, Nicola, for that creative way of communicating pattern information! Our readers always like to know that. We all do need to remember, too, that prices on patterns from any one source can change and may be dependant on a number of factors. Doris is so cute!

“Some flowers I have been working on” — Brandi Stephens

We like to thank Avril Davids for posting this great photo of crocheted Spongebob and Dave (at least we think it’s Dave from Despicable Me). There are a number of patterns online for both these adorable characters. Several of our other readers have also recently posted photos of both of them; they’re sure favorites now with children. They are all adorable!

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