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Customize Your Hooks And Never Get Confused About Whose Are Whose Again!!

We do not know about you, but we get so frustrated trying to keep track of all our different hooks…they might be different colors, but it is still annoying to keep them all separate and sorted out.

Then we go to a friend’s house for coffee and crochet and suddenly we are trying to keep our own hooks separated from theirs and it just gets to be so much and way too confusing!

That is why we love this project so much!

Yolanda Soto Lopez shows us a way to transform our hooks with clay, not only making them easier to differentiate, but also making them more comfortable and easier to hold! Plus, they are super cute! It is a total win-win-win!!

So next time to head to your local craft store for some more yarn, grab some clay while you’re at it and let’s give our hooks a makeover!


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