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These DIY Crochet Utility Straps Have So Many Uses, And They’re So Simple To Make!

We love a good crochet project you can get everyday use out of especially when it is also a project we can recommend to all of our beginning crochet readers!

Needless to say, we absolutely love this DIY utility strap from Jayda InStitches. This has to be one of the most versatile projects we have made in a really long time, if ever. You can obviously use it to wrap something up, keep something secure, turn it into a bracelet or use as a key ring! The possibilities are absolutely endless!

Now if you ask us, it is time to go grab some yarn (this would also be a perfect project for scrap yarn), your hook and know that all you have left to do is start crocheting! When you are done, make sure to take a picture and let us know how your utility strap turned out and how you plan to use it!


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