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These Gorgeous Crochet Coasters Are Almost Too Pretty To Use!

Coasters are so unappreciated, yet they are so important (especially in the summer, with all of those ice cold drinks on our furniture). So we feel it is time the coaster got the proper respect it so desperately deserves.

In the following video tutorial from Wooly Wonders Crochet, you will learn how to make a simple coaster that is so pretty, you almost will not want to use it! Of course, the best part is how durable they are, so feel free to make a few and use them up.

We were also thinking you could make a nice stack, tie them up with a ribbon and share them with a dear friend or family member as a gift; we just know they will absolutely love them too!

Make sure to share picture of your finished coasters with us! Happy crocheting!


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