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Think Coasters Can’t Be Fancy? These Adorable Flower Coasters Will Make You Think Twice!

Ah, the coaster; it plays such an integral part of our social gatherings (and if you do not agree with us, then you should try getting the water rings out of a beautiful table…it is not fun at all). With that said, we are you would agree that they are so often overlooked during the party planning phase.

Well thanks to this great tutorial Expression Fiber Arts, it is finally time for the coaster to get it’s moment to shine! In the video below, Chandi shows us how to make this simple (yet absolutely beautiful) flower coasters. They are elegant enough for any event, and since they are so easy, you can make as many versions as you like. We hope you will give it a try, and then be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments!


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