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Fantasy in Crochet

Hello again from Starting Chain! Tonight we’d like to show three wonderfully fanciful works done by our readers and say “bravo” for a job very well done. Some are original. One is from a pattern. We hope you enjoy the flight of fancy and seeing such skilled artistry.

Thanks go to Yo-y, Sara and Rhonda for sharing them with us.

from: Yo-y MisKosas: “My Maleficent doll… I hope you enjoy my take. I was very inspired by Angeline Jolie in this role. :)”

from: Sarah Narramore: “I wanted to try something new, so here she is:) My new fairy amigurumi with wire crochet wings just for fun.”

from: Rhonda Ahart: “This pattern is free on Ravelry”

There’s a great selection of crochet dragon patterns available online. Rhonda’s is really well done with those claw-type feet!

We weren’t able to find this exact pattern, but did find one at Ravelry called “Fierce Little Dragon” by Lucy Ravenscar.

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