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Featured Member Crochet: November 25 Morning

Good morning from Starting Chain. With the weather getting wintery now in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere we wanted to feature just a few of the beautiful crocheted afghans that have recently been shared with us by our readers.

If you’d like to share your crochet with our online community, just come to the Starting Chain Facebook page and upload a clear photo. Please let our readers know if it was your own design or from a pattern. If you used a pattern, please give the pattern name and source. Readers also like to hear details about construction, the type of yarn & hook size and difficulty level. We love stories of inspiration and to hear about works made for family, friends and for charity.

All of us love the history and tradition of crochet so feel free to post about antique or vintage works done by family in years long gone. We like all kinds of crochet from Irish lace to Filet to vintage edgings to the very modern works that keep us warm today, that delight children and fill us with smiles and whimsy.

Afghans keep us warm, and their beauty lights up our homes. With many offices now being being kept cooler, a lap afghan at work can keep us a bit cozier. We all know, too, that afghans and lap blankets can bring joy and comfort to those who are ill, who have lost possessions in disasters or who are shut-in.

from: Megan Sims: “Here is a pic of a lap blanket I judt finished for a friend’s 21st”

The colors in Megan’s lap blanket are just wonderful! It has a bit of the look of a scrapy quilt, but yet is obviously warm and soft. Those touches of yellow give it a modern and bright feel. It would be very easy, too, for a new crocheter to do something like this. Just pick the colors, stitch up the squares, place them in alternating sequence and stitch them together…and then make a friend very happy!

from: Jennifer Rippey: “Wedding ring quilt done in crochet. I am very happy with how it turned out. Pattern is on red heart. I taught myself how to crochet in February of this year. Thanks!”

We’re hoping that all our new crocheters out there, or readers who are wanting to begin, read Jennifer’s comment. She taught herself to crochet in February and has now finished the traditional Double Wedding Ring afghan. It is beautiful! This pattern is also based on a traditional quilt design. We found patterns for the Wedding Ring quilt/afghan design at most of the major pattern retailers including Red Heart, Ravelry, Annie’s Attic and Coats & Clark. Here’s the link to our Google search for pattern sources: “crochet wedding ring quilt pattern”

from: Susan Malloy Hernandez: “Breast Cancer Awareness Blanket”

Thanks so much, Susan, for sharing your blanket with us. Works like this can mean so much to so many. They are wonderful for auction items at fundraisers and to use or give to help promote awareness of breast cancer early detection and treatment. Susan also writes that this is a king sized blanket! She made it with Red Heart Baby Pink and White yarns.

from Barbara Bissonnette: “Made this from a pattern I bought at Annie’s Attic.”

Thanks to Barbara, Susan, Jennifer and Megan for sharing their crochet with us. Now it’s time to get busy chaining! Yarn over!

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