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Featured Member Crochet: April 16 Morning

Good Morning again from Starting Chain. One nice thing about our online crochet community at Starting Chain is that we get to see each others work and to be inspired by it. It can give us ideas of new projects to start…or new heirlooms to make for the generations.

This morning we’d like to feature some works in white, cream or soft pastels that seem to have a timeless feel to them. They are all beautiful and range from a simple, but elegant, crocheted necklace to a beautiful bedspread of filet. We’d like to thank Susan, Charlene, Lori and Winifred for sharing them with us all.

from: Susan G Merola: “A photo from Susan”

from: Charlene Quinn: “Here is another one of my crocheted necklaces. Everyone seems to like this design.”

from: Winifred Thomas: “Canopy cover for little girls 4 post twin size bed.”

We were thrilled to see this crocheted canopy cover. It was a traditional form. We hope that the style comes back! Winifred has done a fantastic job!

from: Lori Ouellette: “Took a table runner of flowers and added my own border to create this twin-size bedspread!”

Filet crochet, for those who haven’t tried it yet, is a traditional form used to make pictures and shapes. It’s most often used to create lovely curtains, bedspreads, edgings, tablecloths and runners and wall hangings. It’s based on a grid system and traditionally uses cotton thread and a steel hook. There are several ways to create the open spaces and filled blocks. Most commonly, an open block is created by chaining 2, then 1 double crochet over the three stitches in the lower row. A filled space is often made by three double crochets over the three below. It gets a bit more complicated than that, of course.

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