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Featured Member Crochet: April 17

Good morning again! We love to feature the work done by our community members, picking out crochet that shows all the wonderful variety that is possible. We are all about celebrating the creativity and beauty that is out there. We hope they inspire you to try thread crochet if you haven’t done it yet. Or to make something using the time-honored filet techniques. The project can be small, like Terry’s purse trim (below) or intricate like Sheryl’s bonnet. What’s important is the beauty, the process of trying something new, and the fun that can be had along the way.

Thanks go to Edith, Sheryl, Terry and Suzanne for sharing these photos of their work.

from: Sheryl May Myers: “Old fashioned bonnet, thread crochet.”

from: Edith BereÒa Stein: “When I first came upon this pattern, I knew I had to make it, even if there was no one at the moment I was making it for. There was something very nostalgic and vintage about a crocheted baby dress. I have seen this described as a christening or dedication outfit. I guess I’ll keep it for that special girl, or sell it to someone to be worn by their special girl. The pattern is one of 5 different designs in one download from Annie’s Attic called Frilly Frocks by Lucille LaFlamme. Definitely a challenge, requires significant blocking, but well worth the effort as I think it’s a keeper that can be handed down from generation to generation.”

from: Terry Schepler: “A photo from Terry”

Adding a bit of delicate crochet, like Terry has done, to a standard tote can soften it and give it a whole new look for Spring.

from: Suzanne Merrick: “My Mum combined a few different patterns to creat this for my daughter Zoe”

We love seeing traditional pieces, especially those made by family members, framed. Suzanne’s shows the honoring of the generations, their love and their art that will stay. Somewhere, sometime, another relative will see that and say “I want to make something like that, too.” Someone else will want to know the story behind it. It’s one way we keep the stories going.

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