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Featured Member Crochet: April 19

Hello Again. Tonight we’d just like to celebrate some of the finished projects that have been made by our readers. It’s just a time to say “Wow. That’s lovely! or “A job well done.”

Thanks go to Rebecca, Brenda, Shelia and everyone else who has shared their finished crochet with all of us.

from: Rebecca Ahlgrim: “The “Eloise” sweater coat.”

We found an online pattern for the Eloise Baby Sweater at Moogly. We’ve loved this design ever since we first saw it. It looks traditional, yet can be made in so many ways with differing kinds of yarn.

from: Brenda Lowe: “Fat Bottom Purse”

Crocheted bags really can turn out to be classy and fashionable! Brenda’s use of zig-zag and the stylish black, tan and white really sets it apart. It’s a great accessory.

from: Amanda O’Connor: “A photo from Amanda”

We love the brave and capable men and women who serve as firefighters. It is so very nice to see Amanda’s crochet blanket done in honor of one of those departments. There are a couple of graphs that we’ve seen online for the insignia, including one atartfire.com. Amanda’s is beautifully done and we know it was a labor of love.

There is information available, including on YouTube, for how to crochet from a graph. New crocheters may want to start with a simple graph.

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