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Featured Member Crochet: April 7

Good Morning from Starting Chain! This morning we’d like to feature a few examples of traditional crochet, plus one that has been adapted. We’d like to say “Bravo” to their creators and also express appreciation for their sharing of them with us all.

from: Suzanne Clawson Gagner: “”Harvest” wheat pattern. This took about 2 years to complete.”

Suzanne’s work is stunningly beautiful! Her tablecloth is a work of art and will be something that will be cherished for generations. She also posted a photo of one she did using the Queen Anne’s lace motif. It, too, is just fantastic. As we all know, beauty can take years to achieve. It’s worth it.

from: Edith BereÒa Stein: “I don’t usually make doilies but this pattern caught my fancy. It is called Dancing Dollies from Annies’ ePattern Central. The edges were designed to resemble dancing ballerinas complete with their tutus and ballet pointes. I thought this was very unique.”

We love Edith’s doily. It does look like ballerinas!

from: Denyse Ingram: “Pineapple Tablecloth pattern that I turned into a “shrug” by inserting armholes in the appropriate places.”

Denyse’s use of a traditional circular Pineapple tablecloth for a shawl or shrug is creative and very functional. It is beautiful. We can see it with a nice dress. There is something about it, too, that reminds us a bit of Katniss’s Mockingjay wings in “Catching Fire”. Cinna would approve.

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