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Featured Member Crochet: August 1

Here are just a few of the lovely crochet projects recently posted by members of our Starting Chain community on Facebook. Hope they inspire you to try some new things with crochet and simply to enjoy the beauty of handmade creations.

This lovely necklace was made by Rebekah Kantor Grieves. Rebekah just simply wrote, “They are so fun to make“. This one is beautiful, too!


Cheryl Flanders writes that this is a custom throw and that the pattern for the squares came from Drops. It has that wonderful quality of looking delicate, yet comfy.

Nora Wood made this delightful little crocheted frock over last weekend. Don’t you love the colors? She writes that it is a Ravelry pattern by Elizabeth Alan.

Thanks to everyone who has posted photos of their work to Starting Chain. We do inspire each other!

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