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Featured Member Crochet: August 14

Susan Wilkes-Baker posted this photo of her darling crocheted hat just simply saying “My tank engine train hat”. It’s so cute and nice to see something made for little boys. Thank you, Susan, for sharing it with us.

Dolphins are always wise mammals. It’s nice to see them crocheted, too. Thanks go to Silvia Fabian Kimbrough for posting her photo of such delightful creativity! Dolphins know how to have fun and socialize…just like those of us who love crochet. This dolphin is named Delphina!

It’s always nice, when starting a new project with new stitches or a new pattern, to try out some practice rows or squares. Most of the time they don’t turn out as well as Donna Cooney’s have here. Donna writes that she’s planning on doing a king size afghan alternating rose and plain squares. These are lovely, much better than most of the practice squares most of us have done on a new project. We know it will be a lovely afghan! Thank you, Donna, for sharing these with us. It’s an encouragement for us all to try new things. Crochet is such a great skill that allows easy practice.

Thanks to everyone who has posted wonderful photos of their crochet projects. We chain creativity.

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