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Featured Member Crochet: August 8

At Starting Chain we love to feature photos and descriptions of crocheted projects made by our readers. It’s all about fun and inspiration. Today we’ve selected three very different projects we think you’ll enjoy.

We’d love to see your crochet creation, too! Just upload a photo to our Starting Chain Facebook page.Give as much information as you can. If you’ve used a pattern our readers would love to know the pattern name and source if you know it.Any details you can share on yarn and construction would be appreciated, too. We love hearing stories of inspiration, about projects that might be going to charity or about crochet made as gifts.Happy Chaining!

“My best friend asked me to make the bridesmaid’s bouquets for her wedding, so I found and used this pattern: https://cre8tioncrochet.com/2013/03/crochet-bridal-flowers-bridal-bouquet-and-boutonniere/
It took about 3 prototypes, but I think I finally made it exactly the way I wanted it to look!
” — Courtney Boone

Thisoutfit was my first attempts at crochet. A group formed here in Okeechobee to make items for donation and they would teach you to crochet and the only cost was you were asked to donate one item.” — Irene Jones

Isn’t this a great idea? Many of you may want to pick up on this idea and start your own crochet for charity group, bringing in new members by offering to teach them. There’s nothing quite like both doing creative work with others and the joy of donating part or all of it…especially when it goes to babies and children or seniors.

“Ijust got done with my Big Sis Bear. This pattern is so cute, she has ruffles on her socks and panties, buttons on her shoes and a bow in her hair. I have made this teddy bear many times. The pattern came from mymothers Annie’s Crochet Newsletter, the April 1983 issue. Yes it is an old pattern, over 30 years but I still enjoy making it.” — Debora Kelley

Thanks to everyone who has shared their work with our Starting Chain crochet community! Keep Chaining. There’s so much creativity still to be discovered.

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