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Featured Member Crochet: December 11

It’s been a delight to see all the crochet recently shared with us all on the Starting Chain Facebook page. Here are just a few for your morning enjoyment. We hope they inspire you to create your own pieces that will last for generations.

If you’d like to share a photo of crochet you’ve done, or a piece of vintage work, just come to our Facebook page and upload there. If you used a pattern, please give its name and source so that other people can find it and the work of pattern artists is properly honored.

We love, of course, original creativity and really want to encourage people to experiment with crochet. We like to hear about your inspiration and any construction details you can share. Information about the types of yarn used, hook size and difficulty level are all appreciated by our readers. And, best of all, we love seeing projects that are done for charity, for gifts to family and friends, and vintage crochet done long ago.

Our purpose is to encourage the art of crochet in all its many forms, including the work of beginners as well as experienced artists. As part of social media, we all can encourage each other, give tips and hints and, of course, say lots of “Wows”.

from: Edith BereÒa Stein: “I never realized that I would need an afghan while living in the South but it’s been unseasonably cold year after year. I love Aran patterns and chose this simple Afghan. I used 3 1/2 balls of Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn and a H hook to achieve gauge. It is heavy, warm and cuddly!”

Edith’s afghan is lovely and well-done. The turquoise is so appealing, too! Aran designs are traditional Irish forms from the Aran Islands. They were traditionally knitted into sweaters that were popular with fishermen and farmers who were exposed to rough seas and winds. Today the designs have been adapted to crochet and are popular in afghans as well as sweaters. Fortunately just about all the major pattern companies have patterns for crocheting Aran afghans. Our Google search returned links to patterns from Red Heart, Maggie’s Crochet, Leisure Arts, Ravelry, etc.

from Sharon Hagford: “Been crocheting for about 50 years now. This is one of the 19 sweaters I made this year”

We at Starting Chain really like to see crocheted clothing. Crocheted sweaters are always lovely and Sharon’s is clearly tasteful. Depending upon the type of yarn used, a sweater could be light weight or really warm. We’s love to see more sweaters done in crochet!

from Diane Crane: “My 8-month-old twin granddaughters in their new ponchos and hats. I love the way they are looking at each other.” Diane’s work has been very popular with our readers. It’s darling to see the little ponchos and hats done in contrasting colors. The ponchos would be easy to get on a little wee one, too!

Thanks to everyone who loves crochet and enjoys seeing the work of others.

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