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Featured Member Crochet: December 18

Hello again from Starting Chain. We love crochet and all the very different kinds of creations that are possible. We love everything from the traditional Irish Lace to fillet and vintage work to today’s modern and colorful works of art. Tonight we’re featuring photos of a few that have been shared with us by our readers. The captions are in their own words.

from: Heather Ogle: “I been crocheting these cowl/sweater/shrugs this week, which are inspired by Catching Fire! I just LOVE the way they fit! 😀 So different!”

When we recently saw Catching Fire and Katniss appeared in that stunning cowl, we said: “We have to make that! It’s going to be a very hot fashion item!” So it was a delight to see Heather’s post with her very creative photo! A check of the Internet, using the phrase “Catching Fire crochet” shows, too, that others are also interested. It’s clearly “on fire”!

Heather, we salute you! You have rapidly caught a fashion trend! You have adapted it wonderfully. It is beautiful. Work well done!

from: Laura Murphy: “I know everyone is has seen theses but I’m sharing my finished minions for my grand kids for xmas. https://www.allaboutami.com/post/11585794742/minionpattern this pattern called for a steel #2 but instead I used an E Happy Holidays!!!”

Love them! They are all different and clearly will delight those grandchildren! Wonderful job!

from: Toni Ayers Bishop: “Here are my additions this year to Christmas.”

Toni’s trees are elegant. It’s good to see them done differently. This is something many of us may want to do for next year.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their love of crochet…and their talent with our community at Starting Chain. Yarn Over!

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