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Featured Member Crochet: December 2

We love vintage crochet and new forms that help keep old traditions and old memories alive. It’s been a joy to see the vintage pieces recently posted by our readers. Here are a few, plus an amazing new–and fashionable–parasol.

As we all know, patterns for vintage crochet can be found on the internet, in libraries & bookstores and are wonderful “finds” at yard & estate sales and thrift shops. Several sites such as freevintagecrochet.com and antiquecrochetpatterns.com are compiling online vintage patterns now in the public domain. Old patterns are often for sale on online shops or auction sites. There are also new books filled with vintage crochet patterns and how to use them in modern decorating…or fashion. Amazon, for example, returned 75 pages on the search “vintage crochet”, many of which were patterns in Kindle editions.

from: Yarn Kittens: “Here is a picture of a crocheted parasol I made last year. The pattern started as a doily (pineapple vintage something) but I used a larger hook. It took me two months to complete.”

We love how Yarn Kittens was so creative in taking what started out as a classic pineapple doily and then making it into something else that is very usable and stunning. She could start a new summer fashion trend here!

from: Maureen Randolph: “3 great grandma (Denmark) I have many used and want to do this!”

Notice the 2 rows of pansies on this doily made by Maureen’s great-great-great Grandmother in Demark.

from Susan Baker: “This was made by my mother who pasted away 3 years ago. I think this is beautiful! How talented she was, it is perfect!”

We agree with Susan. It is perfect. We love how handwork created by beloved family members, or friends, can not only be useful, but also help us tell the stories of the ones who made them.

from: Beryl Davidson: “This was made for me 50 yrs ago by an elderly lady as part of my engagement present still in use every day slightly faded but I love it and you can still get the pattern for it”

How many of us still have the gifts from an engagement celebration, or even a wedding, from 50 years ago? It’s just so nice to see work that was given in a celebration and to see it used.

Thank you Beryl, Susan, Maureen, Yarn Kittens for your posts at Starting Chain!

We hope that this helps foster an appreciation for the work made decades ago, and sometimes longer. It’s all the kinds of work we can take up again. Thank you to everyone who shares their love of crochet. Some of us love vintage & antique, some modern & fun. It’s all beautiful.

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