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Featured Member Crochet: December 20

The crochet work that has been shared with us by our readers has been wonderful to see. Most of it is very creative and well done! Tonight we’re showing three we selected from recent posts. We hope they inspire you to search for new patterns to try out, to interact with other crocheters to share ideas and, most importantly, to try your hand at something new. Crochet offers so many possibilities for creativity…and it is very relaxing!

from Sharon Compton: Crocheted for my little niece, Aria!”

Sharon has selected very pleasing colors for her little slippers. We love how the soles are done in pink and the same yarn is used for the flower embellishments. It looks to have a bit of gold in the yarn, too. The soft colors are like the pastels used by Monet.

There are many, many patterns commercially available for slippers. We did a Google search using the keywords ” crochet ballet slipper patterns” and got this result: links to ballet slipper patterns.

from Sue Holmes: “Here is my tree with my crocheted snowflakes. My snowflakes are over 20years old. This year is the first I have used them in over 15 to 20 years. I love them…”

Sue has both crocheted angels and snowflakes. They make for a lovely tree…especially when it’s snowing outside!

from Kristy Lonsdale: “Just finished my grand daughters Christmas stocking. I have been making these for over 30 years for friends and family.”

Kristy’s experience clearly shows. This is one of the most perfectly done crocheted stocking we’ve seen anywhere! It is intricate. We love the Santa and his beard!

Thanks to Kristy, Sue, Sharon and everyone else who has shared their love of crochet with our Starting Chain community. We do inspire each other to try new things. Yarn Over! Stay warm and safe as the holidays get closer!

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